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"A plan of action designed to achieve a long-term or overall aim"  Of all the elements involved in creating a media plan, some advertising, marketing and all the other ideas and philosophies on offer, the most important of all the elements is strategy...having the correct strategy is the most fundamentally important aspect of what we do. Creating the correct media strategy for your business is about as important as it gets and that is why it is we put so much resource and effort into getting it right first time, and creating a strategy that will work for you and your business, and for the right price.
There is little point in creating a strategy that costs £1000.00 per month for a customer that's average per customer spend is £1.00, we would need to find a way to create a strategy to bring in 2000+ new customers per month just for that business to break even, that would be an example of a poor strategy. But £1000.00 per month for a client whose average customer spend is £100.00 would be fundamentally sound, as if we can't find 30-40 new customers a month for our client, we are not doing a very good job! Our strategies are designed to make you money; our aim is to create the opportunities for you to make 10-20 times the amount you pay us by the end of the first year of working with 99th Street Media. Sound strategies at the right prices, it is that simple.

"We engage in extensive market research to gain valuable insight into how people view your business and the ways in which your brand can be improved, we find the right market, the brand and the marketing impact that is right for you and your business to grow your customer base, and increase your income and profit. This cannot be rushed, it is not a quick process, this is the right process, the best strategy that will lead to the sustainable growth of your business" 



Samuel Kingsbury
Creative Director - 99th Street Media Ltd. UK












“Our purpose is to create and produce, 60% of our profits are directed into our production arm to create exciting projects that span the globe”

At 99th Street we are always looking to have projects on the go, we always have productions ongoing. Operating in three main fields; Daytime and Shopping, Documentaries and Film short and features. We use all our experience and contacts to create great quality programming at minimal costs. By creating our programming through various financial strategies it allows us to offer value advertising and shopping channel creations.




“Great programming @ great prices”


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Channel 3 coming soon, for Daytime and Shopping.








Creating adverts can be an expensive and difficult task, and with the advent of recordable TV do they achieve bang for there buck? Unlikely! Are you a locally aimed business? Most are! So why would you pay mega bucks for non specific advertising that is not aimed at your community and that you have no way to tell if it has been successful or not? you wouldn’t. But what if someone could offer you a version that is specifically targeted at the market you want, at a far cheaper cost, and that offers tangible results? Then you might well say ”yes”; so say yes to us and let us produce your advert with the tangible results.



Advert Creation


“Tangible results from targeted advertising”


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Using years of knowledge and experience to bring you the best ideas, tangible results and at a fraction of the cost of TV or Radio advertising.








Blah, blah, blah...that is what I see, read and here when discussing web sites and administration! How about this, 99th Street Media are pretty good at the basics of web design. We can build and administer you a web site that will do the trick, that will be more than enough for any of your needs! Our proof? Your reading this!


Web Design and Administration


“The best solution for the best prices, no one will beat us on either price or quality”


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Using worldwide skilled professionals to bring you the best of the best in quality and service.








So what








makes 99th Street Media so different?





We believe in supplying the total package, the ultimate marketing and advertising solution.

From simple single page web sites marketed through our extensive social media links, to a full scale advertising campaigns with TV adverts and a full brand strategy...We can do it all, any budget, anytime anywhere.





Our people are experienced professionals who have spent many years in media and technology fields, they bring an outstanding level of knowledge to each individual case and offer strategic and clever ideas to each each of our individual customer.

There is no customer the same, and we have staff who can offer each an individual plan to build to offer them the biggest bang for their buck!



The news that makes us tick.


UK to Majors in Preproduction. We are currently looking for extra funding to enable the creation of a full twelve (12) part documentary series.

99th Street Media Channel 3 launches with NEW Swindon Shopping Channel.

99th Street reaches shared access agreement with Penni Adverts advertising platform.

Production of our daytime and shopping features to begin production in mid February.

The ‘Just a Cook’ cookbook looking for product placement advertising.

99th Street launch ‘BLAZINGA’ social calendar site.













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Free adverts for 1 month, for all new customers when signing up for a four month advertising package.


50% Discount for all new customers when signing up for a minimum of six months rolling marketing contract.


Channel 3 for shopping and day time programming










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99th Street Media SERVICES:



Our advertising service takes all the hassle out of advertising, combining a sound strategy and internet based advertising tools to create a great advertising package that will work for your business.






The marketing service on offer uses all the best strategies and tools to create a strong package for your business, created and catered specifically for you.






Web design can be expensive and often is pretty useless without the correct SEO or advertising package; there is no worry of that with 99th Street Media...We take care of the whole service.






TV and Radio adverts are becoming less the vogue, with the advent of recordable TV adverts are now just ‘FF’, internet adverts are the way forward and 99th Street offers a full advert creation service.








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