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“You will never know unless you ask us”



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"A type of product associated with a particular company under a particular name"
An often missed concept of advertising, marketing and design is branding, businesses often fail due to having a weak or even non-existing brand. 
If we asked 1000 local people, "what do you sell?" Whatwould they say? If 90% give the right answer then you have a strong brand, but what if 20% give the correct answer? That is a weak brand that needs work. Quite simply put your brand should shout what you do, your unique selling point and to a lesser degree, about you. What do people associate with your brand, what view do people have? To answer these questions, the first thing we do when engaging with your business is to perform extensive market research in both your high street brand and online brand if applicable. We also engage in research to find a niche where your brand will fit in an already crowded marketplace. 
This research will be important to the strategy that we design for you and your business and will form the backbone for the changes and ideas we will use to create / adjust your brand, so when in future months we engage in the same research we hit that high percentage of the correct answers that you need to build your brand and gain customers.

"We engage in extensive market research to gain valuable insight into how people view your business and the ways in which your brand can be improved, we find the right market, the brand and the marketing impact that is right for you and your business to grow your customer base, and increase your income and profit. This cannot be rushed; it is not a quick process, but the right process, the best strategy that will lead to the sustainable growth of your business" 



Samuel Kingsbury
Creative Director - 99th Street Media Ltd. UK

Full Branding Package:
Our branding packages are built into parts of other skill areas, using marketing and social marketing to produce branding results. Please refer to our Marketing prices for details:

Full marketing package:
The full marketing packages combine all the aspects offered by 99th Street Media. To include but not be limited to Advertising, Web Design (and/or administration), Advert creation, SEO, Strategy, Social Media Marketing and On-line Sales - From £999.00 p/m
Half Marketing Package:
The Half Marketing Package combine aspects some of aspects offered by 99th Street Media. This can include but is not limited to Advertising, Advert Creation, SEO and Social Media Marketing - From £499.00 p/m
50% Discount for all new customers
When paying for 6 months in advance and signing a 12 month service contract.

All Marketing packages are designed to suit each individual customer and prices can vary.

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“On-line sales can be time critical and stock dependent, choosing the correct items, and delivering them on-line on time for the correct sales periods is crucial, our team specialize in delivering the right items at the right time ”

In the world today on-line sales is one of the most important things that a business can do and already being in business ‘on the high street’ can be a massive advantage. You’re already stocked and have facilitates to pick and pack...That’s all you would need to do when using 99th Street Media for your on-line sales.


On-Line Sales


“Total administration of your on-line sales, with advertising and marketing to boot”


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Total administration, no hassle, all you need is stock and the drive to succeed.








”An Important part of the overall marketing plan is a sound and fundamental strategy, our planning department use their experience to create a sound and concise strategy for your business”

Anyone can produce advertising, anyone can buy advertising, some people can make web sites, some can administer them, some can even do all the above, but what makes 99th Street Media different is our strategies.
Using all media types and a combined knowledge and skill, our diverse and clever strategies make the most of any budget, with the aim of bringing you more customers and making your existing clients to spend more.




“A complete strategy to build your business, the whole package in one package”


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Using a full scale strategy, 99th Street Media offer tangible results, with the aim of giving you the chance to gain customers and make money!








”For products or media shots, our photography team can complete all your business needs”




“A full and professional service, that can take care of all your merchandising and advertising photography needs”


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Our team of skilled professionals can make light work of any photography need.








“Our purpose is to create and produce, 60% of our profits are directed into our production arm to create exciting projects that span the globe”

At 99th Street we are always looking to have projects on the go, we always have productions ongoing. Operating in three main fields; Daytime and Shopping, Documentaries and Film short and features. We use all our experience and contacts to create great quality programming at minimal costs. By creating our programming through various financial strategies it allows us to offer value advertising and shopping channel creations.




“Great programming @ great prices”


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Channel 3 coming soon, for Daytime and Shopping.








So what








makes 99th Street Media so different?





We believe in supplying the total package, the ultimate marketing and advertising solution.

From simple single page web sites marketed through our extensive social media links, to a full scale advertising campaigns with TV adverts and a full brand strategy...We can do it all, any budget, anytime anywhere.





Our people are experienced professionals who have spent many years in media and technology fields, they bring an outstanding level of knowledge to each individual case and offer strategic and clever ideas to each each of our individual customer.

There is no customer the same, and we have staff who can offer each an individual plan to build to offer them the biggest bang for their buck!



The news that makes us tick.


UK to Majors in Preproduction. We are currently looking for extra funding to enable the creation of a full twelve (12) part documentary series.

99th Street Media Channel 3 launches with NEW Swindon Shopping Channel.

99th Street reaches shared access agreement with Penni Adverts advertising platform.

Production of our daytime and shopping features to begin production in mid February.

The ‘Just a Cook’ cookbook looking for product placement advertising.

99th Street launch ‘BLAZINGA’ social calendar site.













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Free adverts for 1 month, for all new customers when signing up for a four month advertising package.


50% Discount for all new customers when signing up for a minimum of six months rolling marketing contract.


Channel 3 for shopping and day time programming










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99th Street Media SERVICES:



Our advertising service takes all the hassle out of advertising, combining a sound strategy and internet based advertising tools to create a great advertising package that will work for your business.






The marketing service on offer uses all the best strategies and tools to create a strong package for your business, created and catered specifically for you.






Web design can be expensive and often is pretty useless without the correct SEO or advertising package; there is no worry of that with 99th Street Media...We take care of the whole service.






TV and Radio adverts are becoming less the vogue, with the advent of recordable TV adverts are now just ‘FF’, internet adverts are the way forward and 99th Street offers a full advert creation service.








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